Thursday, October 29, 2009

It Comes Again And Confusing me .

Im the one who cant accept my feelings .
The feelings come back and killing me slowly .
Seriously , i dont have to be emo .
but i cant . its around me .
the "thing" stick on my mind .
Im crying all the night before sleep .
want to know tomorow , tomorow and future .
I wish i can know that have someone again want to hurt me ?
i can smile and u will see it .
i can smile but u cant see the sadness inside .
i cant show my feeling to u coz i just want u to be happy with me =)

Friday, October 23, 2009

This Is What We called Life .

A Big Happy family

No matter what happend in our siblings , Parents . We still in a FAMILY . How far we run away from them . Still , ur my Sister , ur my lil Sister and ur my Parents . How stubborn am i , Im ur son and im ur Brother .


We need each other to share what happend to our life and cry , laugh together . We take a very care for each other . And im sorry guys . I CRIED AT KEDAI MAMAK RIGHT ? haha . i spoiled the mood . sorry . If you makes mistakes , we still together to solve the problems .


LOVE YOU . its just a words from our mouth or our heart ? I know , its hard to find the one who can take a very very CARE about you . we can feel the happiness , see the smiles , feel the kisses and hugs . but i think , its not long lasting . Ok if u know it is ur true love . Bole laa kot . Sometimes , we loves someone so badly , but no responded . We cant force peoples hearts to love you as we love them right ? A cry at the end .

This is Colourful of LIFE . Why we should feel the pain ?
Im hurting :(

Thursday, October 15, 2009

You Confusing Me .

first , No Internet anymore at home .
eeeerrr .
i dont know what to do meeeyh in my whole life without internet ?
goosssh .


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What's happening ?

hye .
im not really happy with my friendship right now .
one of us , Z E . I dont know what's happening and
dont know what to say .
Ok now , i just want it to be easy .
and go with the flow .
But , can i know the truth ?
words that i heard from ur mouth was 'AKU DAH MALAS LA NAK LEPAK NGAN KORG' .
its hurting me . i mean WHY ?
if i did anything wrong , im sorry .
Ruff , Maddy just want to take a very care about you .
I heard some of our friends says that ur changing .
but im not sure which part that you changed ur life .
hmm :(