Friday, January 29, 2010

The Day With them :)

Fizah Avatar :)
Muhamad Asyraf Mat Arif :)
28 . August
2nd . Sept
9 . Oct

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Dont Know Why .

I dont know why if i think about you , everything will be not alright . not perfect . It is just i think about your self . maybe i miss u . hmmm . i dont know,just dont know ! its like you're stuck in my head . i didnt contact u and u didnt contact me for long time since the last celebration . Seriously , i think i miss u . i know u didnt feel anything . u dont even care and think about me . I am waiting for your call , waiting for your msg . I cant msg or call you because , i cant be strong when ur voice come to my ear . i still remember the way we kissed , the way i touched you , and way we talked . I miss it all . i write down your name on my table , i put your life in my life when i tell the story about My self in examination paper . When i do something , you always in my mind . When im alone and my friends asked me 'WHY WHY',Because im thinking about you.When i sat for Bahasa Melayu paper,the first person on my Mind is you . I always ask my self 'where are you?' and 'When you will come back' . I just know everything . There's so much pain , you cried for me , but you cant do anything right ? And now , you make A move . Im proud of you . In 2010 , i just want you to be happy with ur life , study hard , make your parent proud of you :)

I MISS YOU ,I just wanted to tell you,that you're always on my mind . Its All i have to say .

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Overnite :)

Megat Muhammad Fitri , Berdoa Untuk Mase depan :)

Aliff Luqman.Pahang pahang buto pak hang . HAHA .
Faley,Kau Stone mcm babi ! ahah .

Monday, January 11, 2010

You have another way to solve the problem .

Please ,
mom dad .
i know ur feelings ma .
but dont blame on him at all .
Dad,pls,u have to solve AsAp .
think about ur childs .
plsssssssss :(