Friday, February 19, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Wheel Of Life .

Sometimes what we want in our life , we cant get , and we wont get it without Work hard . If you get what you want , remember it is not forever witout taking care of it . I am student and im study,if i have a bad results , its my fact , but i dont want it to be . At least , i learned something much :) If i love someone , i tried to make the person happy , but i cant , and hurts are killing me slowly . Its okay . It was a part of my experiences In LOVE . If i needs the best opinions , My parents are the best counselor , give advices , talk here and there , at last , i have the best answer for any questions . What our parents are doing is right , its for our own good . Parents is EVERYTHING for us , for you , for me . If i have a problem , My Friends is the first person come to me and ask me why . They're a good listener , they give well responds . We make something fun and we laught together . They knew the way i talk , the way i walk , and the way I AM . They are really understand ME . Life is full of ups and downs . That is life :)