Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Best Friend . hmm

Her: Just hope you're doing good .
Him: hmm , you too , I missed you Bestfriend .
Her: I'm Glad you do , and i misssed you too .
Him: Good luck in whatever you do alrite . send my regards to your parents .
Her: Tell you something , but dont get offended if i say this .
Him: okay .
Her: why do you even call me your best friend ?
Him: Huh ?
Her: Because,honestly,I doubt that I am one .
Him:If you dont want to lable me as your best friend , its okay .
Her:it's not that , you were,still and always be my best friend , Always .
Him:And why did u asked me that kind of question ?
Her:It's just that, i dont that i am even your best friend , i mean,best friends are supposed to
look up each other and always make time for each other .
Him: okay im sorry , i've being buzy nowadays , i tried to find some space for 4 of us , but
masing-masing buzy with their lifes .
Her: 'Us' , has been dead for a long time .
Him:hmm okay . no matter what , i missed and loved you,pls noticed that,im too buzy with my
job . im sorry .
Her: of course you did . heh , yeah .
Him: hmm
Her: I just..dont think you need me anymore,maybe it'd be better it uhh..just leave .
Him:leave where ? why dont we just talk about it ?
Her:About what ?
Him:Why do you have to leave ?
Her:Seriously , What good am i to you ? you dont need me , mate .
Him: i thought you didnt need me ..
Her:Well i guess you dont know me .
Him:Of course i know you,what does that have to do with anything ?
Her:I always needed my best friends around , i always looked up to you, but you never needed
me .
Him:why dont you just text me ? i tried to called you , theres no responds .
Her:because i know you will never reply my text , dont even try to deny it .
Him:but why,when i called you, you didnt answer the called ?
Her:even if i did,it wouldnt change anything,i just cant talk to you that time .
Him:change what ?
Her:say if i did , and we talked ,then hung up,that would be just it .we'll just stop there.it will
take a long time for you to look for me again .
Him:if you said im your best friend,why dont you tell me whats your problem are?pls.
Her:I dont have any .
Him:do you still wanna be friend with me ?
Him:why do you asked that question ?
Her: just asking .
Her: :)

Still , you're my best friend no matter what <3

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